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Welcome to BeaMary Events. We’re passionate about event planning, design and decor. We take time to understand your needs, challenges and desires to give you a day to remember. We offer full decor services, partial planning and day of coordination planning across Gwinnett County and Metropolitan Areas. No event is too big or too small for BeaMary Events to create your event design and decor.

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BeaMary Events takes time to understand your needs, challenges, and desires in order to execute with precision.
Our process ensures that we meet your expectations, deadlines, and budget so you can focus on enjoying your special day.



Let's talk and come into alignment on what event package and/ or services would work best for you.



Proper planning and alignment of expectations will ensure everything goes smoothly and is on time.



Now we execute by creating your beautiful and consistent event design & decor request. 

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Whether you’re celebrating with friends and family or gathering with business colleagues for a recent milestone. BeaMary Events is focused on exceeding your expectations.

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Choose the event package which work best for your upcoming event. Make your event pop even more by customizing your package with a few add-on design & decor services.


We offer Full Decor Services, Partial Planning and Day of Coordination Planning across Gwinnett County & Surrounding Metropolitan Atlanta Areas. To help you get started we provide event packages for you to customize upon request.

Design & Decor

We offer custom design and decor to make your event pop.

Add-On - Invites and Cards

Invite & Cards

Add-On - Posters, Signs, and Banners

Posters, Signs, Backdrops, & Banners

Add-On - Swag and Gifting

Swag & Gifting


We provide Full Decor Services, Partial Planning and Day of Coordination Planning services across Gwinnett County & Surrounding Metropolitan Atlanta Areas specializing in weddings, corporate, charity, and social events.

Hi there, my name is Addie.

Founder, Event Planner & Decorator

As far as I can remember, I loved creating and drawing for my family and friends, seeing their faces, the joy and excitement I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

I decided a couple of years ago to turn my craft into a business and BeaMary Events was born. People asked me how I came up with my business name. “Bea” are the first few letters of my husband’s grandmother’s name “Beatrice” and Mary is a derivative of “Marie” which is short for my Mom’s name “Marietta”. Hence the name BeaMary (which is a play on the phrase “To be merry”).

At the end of the day, I get to do something I love and more-so I get to express myself and help to create memorable experiences for other to “Be Merry”!


If I had to describe BeaMary Events it would be “Breathtaking”! BeaMary hosted my 42nd and Fabulous birthday party. I was clueless of the theme or what I actually wanted. I was asked what colors did I desire, what type of food, and to name something fun I would like to do with friends. I expressed the colors of black and gold and I’ve always wanted to do a paint and sip. I was told “say no more, we got this”.

Oh my goodness when I walked in everything was decorated in black and gold from my table arrangements, my birthday background banner, balloons, even the utensils. Each table setting was black and gold with paint settings for each guest! I walked in under a beautiful black and gold balloon arch! It was everything I’ve ever dreamed of, simply gorgeous. What really blew me away was I only said I want black and gold colors and to do a paint and sip with my friends. The set up was sooooo elegant and creative. The theme created for me was 42and Fabulous!!!!

Everyone that walked in was stunned at the beauty! The hostess were dressed in black and gold uniforms, they greeted the guests and took everyone’s order from the black and gold menu! Everything was spectacular, it was the best birthday dinner/party I ever had in my life. To top it off there was a 36 inch picture of me that was created in black and gold attire on an easel at the entrance that said 42and Fabulous! This picture was transformed into black and gold! AMAZING!!!!!!!

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Shevonne B.

BeaMary Events provided beautiful decor for my wedding as well as my fashion show. They were professional and customer service was excellent. I highly recommend them for all  your needs and I will definitely be utilizing them for my company, Bellissima Arte LLC’s, upcoming events.

Gwendolyn H.

I have used this company 2x for my son 1st birthday party and then for my baby shower. Addie is professional, attentive to details and very patient. Both events were so beautifully done and I will continue to use BeaMary Events for my future events.

Zuri W.

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